Cross Country Couple blogs about Synfuels Plant visit

Great Plains Synfuels Plant

We received a fun note via the "Contact us" page on our public website this week. Nathan and Lori, blogging as the "Cross Country Couple," sent us … [Read more...]

Montana Limestone county fair purchases benefit kids, the hungry, and the disabled

Visiting the state fairs along the Montana/Wyoming state line is an annual tradition for representatives of Dakota Coal Company subsidiary Montana … [Read more...]

Built to Serve: President and CEO/general manager visit with the membership

Wayne Peltier, Basin Electric board president, District 9, and Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager, delivered messages of gratitude to … [Read more...]

Dakota Gas lab employees share their love of science

Dakota Gas Chem Lab

Dakota Gas' Great Plains Synfuels Plant chemistry laboratory employees recently spent time in the Beulah (ND) Elementary kindergarten classrooms … [Read more...]

Construction Zone

There’s a saying that there are two seasons in the Midwest: winter and construction season. Basin Electric has three major construction projects … [Read more...]

Energy tours provide perspective for Sioux Valley Energy directors and staff

Board directors and staff of Basin Electric Class C member cooperative Sioux Valley Energy, headquartered in Brandon, SD, made some stops Sept. 26 in … [Read more...]

Great Plains Synfuels Plant manager interviewed on KFYR 550 AM

Dale Johnson

The Great Plains Synfuels Plant was highlighted on KFYR 550 AM on May 30. Dale Johnson, Dakota Gasification Company plant manager at the Great … [Read more...]

Be the light: Being a helper

The Basin Electric ad campaign “Be the light” shows how Basin Electric and its member cooperatives can be the light in communities and homes like only … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: Always encouraging innovation, both at work and with family

Dakota Gasification Company’s process engineering supervisor Laura Dronen says when she wants a new challenge in her job she doesn’t have to look … [Read more...]

Beulah Rural Fire Department benefits from Basin Electric surplus asset donation

The Beulah Rural Fire Department is the proud new owner of several well-cared-for auto extraction tools, courtesy of Basin Electric and Dakota … [Read more...]