Basin Electric member’s employee maintains lonely military gravesite

West River Electric cavalry gravesite

The following was published by RE Magazine on May 4, 2017. An excerpt is published here, with permission. Please visit RE Magazine's website for the … [Read more...]

Member co-op campaign reminds members when the lights came on

“Christmas Eve, December 1952, I’d have been about 15. They were looking for memberships to start the co-op. … Money was kind of hard to come by, but … [Read more...]

Social media helps co-ops communicate during winter storm

The thermometer in the Upper Great Plains region is mostly trending in the right direction, but the recent weather forecast reminds everyone that … [Read more...]

Basin Electric brings light to the Clay County Sheriff Department

Clay County Sheriff's Department

A donation made to the Clay County (SD) Sheriff’s Department will help officers see more clearly in the line of duty. Basin Electric accepted the … [Read more...]

Basin Electric lineman appreciates life’s little things after deployment to Middle East

    Brad Bierema, Basin Electric journeyman-lineman in Groton, SD, recently returned from an 11-month deployment to the Middle … [Read more...]

Children at West River Electric have a special message for their parents

Lineworkers light up the world – both literally and figuratively. Basin Electric helped a few children share a very special message with their … [Read more...]

Grand Electric linemen light up the town of Bison for Christmas

When residents of Bison, SD, gaze at the lighted snowflakes, stars and candy canes atop the light poles on Main Street, they can thank the linemen of … [Read more...]

East River Electric takes an hourly approach to load management

For more than 30 years, East River Electric Power Cooperative, a Basin Electric Class A member in Madison, SD, has had a load management program in … [Read more...]

Basin Electric director shares story of survival, times two

Mike McQuistion

Yesterday we posted the Basin Today article from the July/August 2016 issue on a day in the life of Basin Electric Director Mike McQuistion. While … [Read more...]

A day in the life of Director Mike McQuistion

Mike McQuistion

The drive to Mike McQuistion’s ranch in central South Dakota is similar to a trip into a national park. Prairie scenery gives way to bluffs and hills … [Read more...]