Christmas comes to Culbertson

One person’s trash just might be another person’s Christmas tree. Employees at Basin Electric’s Culbertson Generation Station, located near … [Read more...]

Culbertson Generation Station gets visitors from Poplar, MT

Joe Fiedler talking with students.

Some of our favorite days are tour days. That's because we get to show off what we do, make new friends, possibly surprise, and certainly teach … [Read more...]

Big safety milestones at Basin Electric facilities


Safety is paramount at Basin Electric. The proof is in the numbers. Check out these astounding safety statistics from our … [Read more...]

Top 9 Basin Electric videos in 2012

Here are Basin Electric’s top 9 videos this year, as counted by YouTube. We started a new YouTube channel in 2011. You can still find Basin Electric's … [Read more...]

Generating electricity in Montana

It's the largest cooperative-owned power plant in Montana... and Basin Electric's first generation station in the state. In mid-August, a … [Read more...]

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer leads cheer for Culbertson Generation Station

Several fairgoers took a break today from the Roosevelt County Fair festivities near Culbertson, MT, this week to attend a big event for Basin … [Read more...]

Culbertson Generation Station dedication this afternoon

Culbertson Generation Station

Right about now (1:00 p.m. Mountain Time), a public dedication ceremony is being held for Basin Electric’s first energy generation facility in … [Read more...]

A tale of two units near Culbertson, Montana

A communications crew is working on two stories from Culberston, Montana. Next to one another sit a heat recovery generation unit on the Northern … [Read more...]

4.5 miles of line in Northeastern Montana

Last week, Jared Barnhart, Steve Crane and Tracie Bettenhausen headed up to Culbertson, Montana. Transmission System Maintenance crews are up there … [Read more...]

Culbertson Generation Station in the news

KXMC, the CBS News station in Minot, ND, did a story on Culbertson Generation Station, our newest peaking plant under construction near Culbertson, … [Read more...]