Montana Limestone county fair purchases benefit kids, the hungry, and the disabled

Visiting the state fairs along the Montana/Wyoming state line is an annual tradition for representatives of Dakota Coal Company subsidiary Montana Limestone Company. Each year, employees give back to the communities they serve by helping local kids reach their goals, and donating to organizations that serve the area’s hungry and disabled citizens.

This summer, Montana Limestone employees visited the Big Horn Fair in Basin, WY, to purchase animals from local 4-H and National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Organization students. This year, two pigs were purchased. Montana Limestone arranged for their transportation to the butcher, and then had the meat delivered to the Lovell Community Food Pantry, the only food bank in all of Big Horn County. The local fire department donated the funds necessary to process the meat.

At the Carbon County Fair in Red Lodge, MT, Montana Limestone purchased a steer, which it sold knowing the resale price wouldn’t be the full market price it had already paid. “We just consider the difference a donation so the student can get the full price,” says Mike Jones, Montana Limestone’s superintendent. “They work really hard raising these animals and they deserve to get full price for them.”

Jones says a sheep was also purchased at the Carbon County Fair, which was donated to the Special K Ranch near Columbus, MT, an organization that provides family-oriented homes on a working ranch for adults with developmental disabilities. The ranch can do with it as it wants, either add it to its herd or sell it. This is the third year in a row Montana Limestone has supported this charity with its annual county fair purchase.

“We love going to the county fairs and helping the local 4-H and FFA groups and the food pantry and the Special K Ranch, as well,” Jones says. “It’s good for the kids, good for us, and good for the community.”

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