Basin Electric partners with living things in some reclamation

Backer Bees

Commitment to the environment can be shown in a variety of ways. Following are a few ways Basin Electric keeps nature in mind in … [Read more...]

Bismarck State College students get look into energy industry at Basin Electric

Bismarck State College students

Basin Electric hosted students from Bismarck State College Jan. 30, who were here to get some real world insight into the energy industry. The … [Read more...]

Wind generation among lowest cost options to meet members’ energy needs

Wind turbines and fenceline

The winds of change are blowing at Basin Electric. Electric cooperatives nationwide are navigating a rapidly-evolving energy landscape. At the … [Read more...]

Lightning strikes thrice at PrairieWinds 1

PrairieWinds 1

There is a wind turbine blade at the PrairieWinds 1 wind project near Minot, ND, that has been struck by lightning three times. You read right - … [Read more...]

Wind turbines on weather radar

U.S. National Weather Service

Sometimes when you're looking at weather radar on a clear, calm night, you'll see areas that look like it should be raining or storming. It doesn't … [Read more...]

Education fuels Basin Electric project manager’s passion for science program

Amanda Wangler

Amanda Wangler’s face lights up as she recalls when her love for engineering started. “I decided I was going to study engineering while I was still … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: History-making wind

At the end of 2005, Basin Electric had just 5.2 megawatts (MW) in wind generation. Cooperative directors gave their blessing in February 2008 to … [Read more...]

Photographer catches Northern Lights in area wind energy center

Credit: Mike Theiss, Extreme Nature Photography

This photo was taken by a photographer who came to North Dakota to chase tonight's predicted bad weather. Mike Theiss is a photographer affiliated … [Read more...]

PrairieWinds subsidiaries thrive on safety, capacity

PrairieWinds Group

Dreams. You pursue them every day. You’re the farmer who sows the land for a bountiful harvest; the parent who works to give your children a happy … [Read more...]

Small generation could change the power-supply landscape

Verendrye solar power

Small, privately-owned wind turbines used to be anomalies along the quiet two-lane highways stretching across rural America. Those turbines, … [Read more...]