Initiative strengthens, modernizes Basin Electric’s infrastructure

As Basin Electric moves on in years, so does its infrastructure. The cooperative’s infrastructure spreads out across its service area throughout … [Read more...]

Laramie River Station blood drive supplements supply during low donation period

Many blood drives have been cancelled due to COVID-19, but the need for blood donations hasn’t gone away. On July 16, the team at Laramie River … [Read more...]

Basin Electric teaches students about electrical safety

Safety is a top priority at Basin Electric, so when the opportunity came up to teach preschoolers about electrical safety, the cooperative was excited … [Read more...]

Basin Electric’s use of drones improves efficiency and safety while reducing costs

Basin Electric’s use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly referred to as “drones,” is extensive. From maintaining transmission lines to measuring … [Read more...]

New technology will improve efficiency of Wilton Wind Projects

Wind is an integral piece of Basin Electric’s all-of-the-above energy portfolio, and through the years the co-op has invested more than $6 billion … [Read more...]

Basin Electric member co-ops power through COVID-19 #PowerOn

For Basin Electric’s member cooperatives, serving their communities is about much more than providing electricity. From finding ways to help their … [Read more...]

McCone Electric’s drive-in annual meeting in Montana brings record attendance

McCone Electric Co-op, a Basin Electric Class C member in Circle, Montana, held Montana’s first drive-in electric co-op annual meeting on June 5. Due … [Read more...]

A day in the life of Basin Electric Financial Reporting Manager Katrina Wald

By the time Katrina Wald was attending Dickinson (North Dakota) High School, she already knew that numbers were “her thing.” Being an avid sports fan, … [Read more...]

Basin Electric moving forward with new natural gas unit

Lonesome Creek Station is about to get a little less lonesome. At their January board meeting, Basin Electric directors authorized a sixth … [Read more...]

Trouble saying no led to 20 years of foster care for Basin Electric employee

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared May National Foster Care Month, and it continues to be recognized and celebrated today. For Rhonda Chapman, … [Read more...]