A brother’s take: Team Dash and Brave the Shave

Chaz and Dash Ohlsen

Dash Ohlsen, 8, was diagnosed with leukemia on Feb. 25, 2014. As his parents state, he’s energetic, fun, and is growing into a person with “the … [Read more...]

Basin Electric pilots practice barrel rolls, loops and inverted flight (Video)

Pilots in flight

Some job training is more intense than others. Job training that requires a barf bag is on the more intense end of the spectrum. Ryan Anderson, … [Read more...]

U.S. Supreme Court grants Basin Electric, others Motion to Stay the EPA’s Clean Power Plan


Today the U.S. Supreme Court granted Basin Electric and several other petitioners' Motion to Stay the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: A culture of support for families in need

Dan Wallach

When facing difficult times, it’s nice to have the support of a caring cooperative family. That’s been the case for Dan Wallach, Dakota Gas senior … [Read more...]

How electric cooperatives are helping the healers

West River Health Services

Two scenarios. Choose one: Your doctor decides getting an MRI is necessary. The hospital doesn’t have an MRI machine on site. They do have a … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employees rescue helpless bird


Random acts of kindness are beautiful. And in a big world, it’s often the little things that make a difference. On Jan. 15, a group of cooperative … [Read more...]

Iowa Rural Power advocates ask presidential candidates one big question

Basin Electric Director Charlie GIlbert (left) and Basin Electric Senior Staff Writer/Editor Tracie Bettenhausen (right) meet Donald Trump at a rally in Norwalk, IA.

The Iowa Rural Power advocates are known for three things: green shirts, a friendly demeanor, and one simple question, “What is your plan for safe, … [Read more...]

Electric co-op general manager takes strong stand against Clean Power Plan


"... that kind of a kick in the teeth." "Give me a break!" "Give us some credit..." Verendrye Electric Cooperative's General Manager Bruce … [Read more...]

Basin Electric co-op love from opposite ends of the United States


Two Basin Electric employees sent their Basin Electric co-op love through Twitter Jan. 27. And the mediums they used to communicate their messages … [Read more...]

Mountain lion takes shelter at Basin Electric transmission line construction site

A mountain lion peers from inside a transmission structure.

Paul Telehey, Basin Electric construction coordinator II, has seen his fair share of animals visiting construction sites located in remote areas, but … [Read more...]


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