Librarian and elementary students support St. Baldrick’s

Pam Wohlsdorf

Pam Wohlsdorf smiles as she looks at her freshly shaven head at the 2013 St. Baldrick’s event.

Losing a student can hurt almost as if the child were your own.

Pam Wohlsdorf, a librarian for Will-Moore and Jeannette Myhre Elementary schools in Bismarck, ND, shaved her head during the sixth annual Brave the Shave event at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA, to honor a former student, Matthew Watson. This was Wohlsdorf’s third time shaving her head at the event. She began after Watson died of cancer in 2009.

“When Matthew passed away, I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know what I could do. I had read that he and his dad had done St. Baldrick’s before,” Wohlsdorf says. “The day I was sitting at his funeral, it just came to me that this is what I needed to do.”

Wohlsdorf’s elementary students wanted to help do their part. The student council from Jeannette Myhre presented Wohlsdorf with a check to give to St. Baldrick’s for $75. Will-Moore is hosting their own mini St. Baldrick’s event tomorrow, with three teachers volunteering to shave their heads. Wohlsdorf anticipates they will have raised over $500.

“Having the students support me and support St. Baldrick’s by raising money to support the children with cancer, they are taking an active role in their community. They’re not just students who are going to school; they are students that are making a very big difference in our community,” Wohlsdorf says. “When you see the students raising money for children their own age – that’s pretty powerful.”

Wohlsdorf plans to continue to show her support for St. Baldrick’s and remember Matthew Watson.

“It’s not worth a little bit of hair for me when I can help find a cure for these little kids,” Wohlsdorf says. “As long as the students are willing to help me out, I am willing to help them out.”

Donate on Pam Wohlsdorf’s St. Baldrick’s fundraising page.

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