Cross Country Couple blogs about Synfuels Plant visit

We received a fun note via the “Contact us” page on our public website this week.

Nathan and Lori, blogging as the “Cross Country Couple,” sent us a link to a blog post they wrote in Sept. 2017. They had visited the Great Plains Synfuels Plant as part of a months-long road trip they were taking.

Their goal was to hit spots in eight categories in each state they visited: famous person, famous food, roadside attraction, state capitol/museum, national park, historic location, can’t miss attraction, and made in the USA factory tour. See a synopsis of the entire trip through North Dakota: Our North Dakota trip

Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Photo courtesy: Cross Country Couple blog

The Synfuels Plant met their requirements for the category “made in the USA factory tour.”

Below, an excerpt from their blog post. Read the full post here: Where have all the sunflowers gone?

“Next, we went down a narrow hallway, and stood outside of a metal double door where we were told to wait. Our guide entered the room, turned on the lights, swung open the double doors, and we were in absolute shock at what we were witnessing. …” Read more…

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