Honoring our veterans despite COVID-19 restrictions

Mark Scheele, Basin Electric chief pilot, is the deputy commander of the Bismarck Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. For 11 years, the squadron has … [Read more...]

A day in the life of Basin Electric Alarm Monitor/Service Dispatcher

From a distance, Donavon Dick watched as a bouquet of pheasants rutted and scratched in a field near Sidney, Nebraska. In a blink, the serene scene … [Read more...]

Dedication to community drives Basin Electric employee to be of service

Residents in Mercer and Oliver County, North Dakota, know the importance of the Beulah Rural Fire Protection District. This volunteer crew covers a … [Read more...]

Co-op Month 2020: Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care

Coming together to meet a community need – it’s the cooperative way. And it's how the first licensed child care center in Mercer County in west … [Read more...]

Mountrail-Williams Electric holds annual meeting in limited format

With COVID-19 numbers high in many members’ service areas, co-ops have been forced to look at the way their annual meetings are structured. … [Read more...]

Co-op Month 2020: BisMan Community Food Co-op

It’s Co-op Month, and we want to help you get to know more about co-ops so you can recognize them in your community. Today, it’s all about real … [Read more...]

What COVID-low commodity prices in 2020 meant for Basin Electric and its members

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent screeching brakes of the economy had widespread impact for several months in 2020, starting in March. There are … [Read more...]

Basin Electric backpack sponsorship helps provide school supplies to at-risk students

Bismarck Larks mascots Clark the Lark and Merifeather Lewis with the backpacks donated by Basin Electric. Now is the time of year, although this year … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employee’s impact as a trained weather spotter goes beyond spotting storms

Summer brings some of the most active weather to Basin Electric’s service area, and it’s important to stay informed of any weather warnings to protect … [Read more...]

Verendrye Electric Cooperative invests in electric vehicle supercharger

Verendrye Electric Cooperative, a Basin Electric Class C member headquartered in Velva, North Dakota, and Enerbase Cooperative Resources held a ribbon … [Read more...]