About BEPC

Basin Electric is a consumer-owned, regional cooperative headquartered in Bismarck. It generates and transmits electricity to 138 member rural electric systems in nine states: Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. These member systems distribute electricity to about 2.9 million consumers.


  1. Hello,

    We here at No Starch Press just published “The Manga Guide to
    Electricity” by Kazuhiro Fujitaki. A translation from the bestselling
    series in Japan, this book uses authentic manga and real-world examples
    to make learning electricity engaging, charming, and fun. We noticed
    that you are interested in and write about electricity quite a bit.
    Would you be interested in a review copy of “The Manga Guide to



  2. Robert Donohue says:

    rwd2 on twitter. Loving the cam pics. Can you link it to the site? Thanks.

  3. I am J,P. Rinker, and am a director of Midland Power Cooperative located in Jefferson, Iowa. I wore my Basin Electric hat ( courtesy of BEC director Charlie Gilbert }, to the recent ISU-KU football game in Ames, Iowa. I was approached by a woman who said ” whats up with the Basin hat? I haven`t
    seen anything about Basin since I lived in Denver.”

    She did`nt know that BEC supplied power to such a large area. I enjoy the Basin Update. Keep up the good work!


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