Basin Electric continues to Brave the Shave

Eleven years ago, Basin Electric supported a head-shaving event to raise money for a national pediatric cancer research organization. Throughout the … [Read more...]

Hearts, hope, and hair make Brave the Shave 2017 special

Each participant had his or her own reason for shaving or cutting their hair. There was a teenage sister who lopped off her lovely long locks to … [Read more...]

Basin Electric director talks leadership

Both inside and outside the board room, Basin Electric Director Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative, Minot, ND, subscribes to … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employee and 10-year Brave the Shave participant misses flagship event

Tucker Smith, Basin Electric commodity quantitative analyst, was one of just three people who shaved their heads for all of Brave the Shave’s 10 years … [Read more...]

Brave the Shave 2017 social media roundup


What a day! Donations for the campaign are still being accepted and tallied. Now in its 10th year, the Brave the Shave campaign has raised more than … [Read more...]

Co-op Plan 2017: The path to the next greatest thing

Co-op Plan 2017

Following a year of challenge, having and sharing a plan is more important than ever for Basin Electric. The Cooperative Plan is a tool for the … [Read more...]

Brave the Shave: Helping kids and families battle cancer one bald head at a time

Since its first event 10 years ago, Brave the Shave has exploded into a money-raising, hair-shaving frenzy. Over the years, nearly 2,200 volunteers … [Read more...]

Basin Electric, Bismarck Police Department support the community, each other

Serving the community is a value that both Basin Electric and the Bismarck Police Department hold dear, and these two organizations have been … [Read more...]

Brave the Shave debuts new blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


Brave the Shave is treading in exciting territory. The scope of the charge to fight childhood cancer is expanding, and so are the communications … [Read more...]

Top 9 Basin Electric: Live Wire posts of 2016

On Dec. 29, you saw the top 7 Basin Electric videos of 2016. Here are the top 9 viewed blog posts as tabulated by WordPress, our blogging platform. … [Read more...]