Basin Electric board approves Headquarters building addition

West Ground View rendering

Architectural rendering of the west side of the Basin Electric Headquarters.

In an effort to support the future of the cooperative workforce, Basin Electric’s board of directors approved an addition to the Headquarters building in Bismarck during their August meeting. The decision came only after many months of analysis and evaluation.

The addition will be on the west side of the building, and it will include construction of a warehouse/shop. Headquarters employees have been spread out across multiple locations in Bismarck for years because of limited office space in the Headquarters building.

Paul Sukut, CEO and general manager, says the board’s decision to approve the west addition supports the cooperative’s current growth and, more importantly, will assist in improving work processes for all employees.

“Our goal throughout this process has been to consolidate our offsite Bismarck locations into one building, resulting in greater efficiencies and a more collaborative work environment,” Sukut says. “Even more, it will bring our employees working at Capital Electric back to Headquarters and eliminate the need for employees to walk back-and-forth from the J&L and Great River Energy buildings.”

For more information and to see the building renderings and timeline, check out the full story, Getting all employees under one roof, in the September-October 2015 issue of Basin Today.

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