A day in the life of … Wayne Peltier

Wayne Peltier and his wife, Pat.

Wayne Peltier and his wife, Pat.

The Peltier household was built with a rare kind of determination, and the strength can be felt in the space between Wayne and Pat Peltier. They sit at opposite ends of the kitchen island as they welcome their visitors from Basin Electric on a February afternoon.

When Peltier meets people for the first time, he gets the typical “get to know you” questions, but maybe not necessarily the most obvious one: How did he lose his left arm? With the Peltiers being the owners of a metal fabrication business, as well as being engaged in production agriculture, one could jump to conclusions, but they would be wrong. He lost his arm to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) – a disease that has tried twice to take his life and failed. It’s a journey that has shaped his character, the integrity of which benefits the cooperatives he serves.

Peltier is president of the Basin Electric board of directors, representing the cooperative members of District 9 and his home cooperative of Minnesota Valley Cooperative Light and Power of Montevideo, MN.

Read more on A day in the life of … Wayne Peltier in the March-April 2014 issue of Basin Today.

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