A day in the life of lead food services Melody Francis

Melody Francis

Melody Francis, Basin Electric food services lead, enjoys making cooperative employees feel at home in the Headquarters cafeteria.

It’s the start of a new day in Bismarck, ND, and the clicking and clanking of cookware can be heard from Basin Electric’s Headquarters cafeteria. It’s board week, and the kitchen staff is preparing breakfast for the cooperative’s directors.

Of course, it’s also breakfast time for employees. As one employee approaches the glass display and pans through the delicious lineup of options, Melody Francis looks up and shares a warm smile.

“Can I help you?” asks Francis, Basin Electric lead food services lead, as she continues to wrap a fruit bowl.

After a few moments, the employee, a regular, requests a breakfast sandwich. Francis knows exactly how to prepare it.

Then again, it seems Francis, known as Mel to most, knows everyone at Headquarters. When people approach the kitchen, she often greets them by name.

“With this job, you find out what people like and what they don’t like,” Francis says.

On a day like this, for example, the board members will likely be thanking her for preparing their favorite sauerkraut soup for lunch. They’ll also appreciate getting her famous lemon cookies around mid-afternoon.

Francis and her staff love the work they do.

“It’s definitely a team effort and not a one-man show,” she says.

Check out the full story, A day in the life of lead food services Melody Francis, in the September-October 2015 issue of Basin Today.

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