Meet your Basin Electric directors

Low Res JPG-2018 Board of Directors-21 EDIT

(Back row, from left): Basin Electric CEO and General Manager Paul Sukut and Basin Electric directors Leo Brekel, Tom Wagner, Paul Baker, Dan Gliko, Charlie Gilbert, and Troy Presser. (Front row, from left): Basin Electric directors Wayne Peltier, David Meschke, Kermit Pearson, Allen Thiessen, and Mike McQuistion.

Three new directors joined the Basin Electric board in December: David Meschke of District 2, Tom Wagner of District 4, and Dan Gliko of District 6. They replaced retiring directors Gary Drost, Don Applegate, and Roberta Rohrer, respectively.

Meschke, Wagner, and Gliko are part of the 11-member board that manages the business and affairs of Basin Electric. Each director is elected to a three-year term representing one of 11 membership districts.

Basin Electric welcomes the three new directors to the cooperative family and invites you to learn more about them through Basin Today’s occasional “Meet your directors” series, the latest of which was published in the Winter 2018 issue of Basin Today: Meet your directors. Read the Q&A where Meschke, Wagner and Gliko each provide insight into his cooperative background and his expectation for the future.

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