Basin Electric partners with living things in some reclamation

Backer Bees

Dusty Backer of Backer Bees.

Commitment to the environment can be shown in a variety of ways.

Following are a few ways Basin Electric keeps nature in mind in its reclamation practices.

Read more in the July/August 2017 issue of Basin Today: Taking care of the land.

Busy bees
Backer Bees is one of three beekeepers who keep their bees at the Glenharold Mine, a reclaimed coal mine that used to supply coal to Leland Olds Station, Basin Electric’s first coal-based power plant located near Stanton, ND.

Dusty Backer, owner of Backer Bees, keeps 1,800-2,500 hives in North Dakota. “There is such a variety of flowers. Alfalfa, clover, canola, sunflowers, a lot of wildflowers,” he says. “This area is one of the best in the nation to raise bees, a really healthy place to raise bees. Anywhere within a 30-mile radius of this spot (Glenharold Mine) is awesome bee country.” Read more: Taking care of the land.

Leafy greens
The North Dakota prairie is known for a couple of things: there are hardly any trees, and there is a lot of wind.

Both of those truths meet in this story. Per North Dakota Public Service Commission policy, replacement trees and shrubs must be replaced on a two-for-one-basis when performing reclamation on a project with Public Service Commission oversight. Read more: Taking care of the land.

Creepy crawlies
Unseen to most of us, millions of little helpers are doing damage control on reclaimed coal mine land.

Beetles are spread at the Glenharold Mine to control the noxious weed, leafy spurge. Read more: Taking care of the land.

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