Bismarck State College students get look into energy industry at Basin Electric

Bismarck State College students

Bismarck State College students learn about distributed generation.

Basin Electric hosted students from Bismarck State College Jan. 30, who were here to get some real world insight into the energy industry.

The fourth semester power plant technology students learned about two main areas: distributed generation like wind projects and natural gas-fueled peaking plants, and the work that goes into operating them, maintaining them, and getting their electricity onto the transmission grid; and marketing the energy on the grid from all types of generation including coal-based power plants.

The students also received a general overview of Basin Electric by getting a look at the digital information screens in the lobby and an introduction by Erin Huntimer, Basin Electric project coordinations representative.

Bismarck State College students

The group split into two, and rotated through three areas.

Bismarck State College students

Kevin Tschosik, Basin Electric manager of distributed generation, talks about the intermittance of wind generation.

Bismarck State College students

Tucker Smith, Basin Electric commodity quantitative analyst, talks about what is done on the trading floor, while Melissa Wittenberg, Basin Electric distributed generation dispatch supervisor, gets ready to talk about monitoring the natural gas peaking plants and wind projects from Basin Electric Headquarters.

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