Basin Electric employee-veteran finds balance

July 25 is National Hire a Veteran Day. Basin Electric takes pride in supporting those who have served or are currently serving, and their families.

Troy Skelton, Basin Electric cybersecurity and compliance specialist, is one of the 172 veterans Basin Electric employs.

Skelton served in the North Dakota Army National Guard for 25 years. During his time in the guard, he was deployed to Iraq twice and completed three overseas deployment training assignments.

After leaving the military, it can be challenging to reenter into civilian life and get a full time job. Basin Electric works hard to eliminate that challenge. Many companies can be in compliance with the laws in place that protect veterans in the workplace and still not fully assist their military employees.

Basin Electric is committed to go beyond what the law requires of them, and has been recognized numerous times for their military support.

“Basin does an exceptional job of allowing people to serve while still being a full-time employee,” Skelton says. “When I began employment here, Basin made it easy to assist with my weekend service. When I spent a month in Fort Yates (North Dakota) in 2016, I got to fully serve and come back with no hiccups.”

Many employers do not realize some of the skills veterans or military members possess. Skelton says those skills can be a real asset to an employer.

“A lot of military members believe in something bigger than themselves,” Skelton says. “The military has made me a better employee by instilling leadership, better communication skills, and a sense of selfless service.”

Skelton made the point that many military members look for stability, family orientation, and understanding when looking for a full-time job.

“Basin has not only allowed me to provide for my family, but it has also given me the flexibility to enjoy time with them — that is the best benefit of them all,” Skelton says.

Read more about Basin Electric’s military support in another blog post: First employer in North Dakota to receive distinguished Dept. of Defense award

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