Montana Limestone helps neighbor after devastating house fire

During the day, there are about three dozen people walking around the community of Warren, MT, but at night, there is a lone soul who lives … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: Always encouraging innovation, both at work and with family

Dakota Gasification Company’s process engineering supervisor Laura Dronen says when she wants a new challenge in her job she doesn’t have to look … [Read more...]

Basin Electric intern shines in school and at work

Malcom X once said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Basin Electric takes this approach with the future workforce, and sees its … [Read more...]

Basin Electric director talks leadership

Both inside and outside the board room, Basin Electric Director Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative, Minot, ND, subscribes to … [Read more...]

Basin Electric: Strong and United

Strong & United. It was the theme of Basin Electric's 2016 Annual Meeting, and it graces the cover of the 2016 Annual Report, available on the … [Read more...]

Beulah Rural Fire Department benefits from Basin Electric surplus asset donation

The Beulah Rural Fire Department is the proud new owner of several well-cared-for auto extraction tools, courtesy of Basin Electric and Dakota … [Read more...]

First employer in North Dakota to receive distinguished Dept. of Defense award

ESGR award

Basin Electric received a distinguished U.S. Dept. of Defense award April 12, recognizing the cooperative for its strong support of its military … [Read more...]

Be the light: Fishing derby for families

The Basin Electric ad campaign “Be the light” shows how Basin Electric and its member cooperatives can be the light in communities and homes like only … [Read more...]

Basin Electric kickstarts Bismarck Public Schools Foundation’s innovation grant program

Basin Electric recently gave $20,000 to the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation to kickstart the Foundation’s “innovation grant” program, which will … [Read more...]

Lineman Appreciation Day: Shedding some light on their behind-the-scenes work

Linemen Diagram

From strapping on 45 pounds of gear and then climbing 50 feet to 250 feet in the air, lineworkers play a behind-the-scenes role in keeping our lights … [Read more...]