Mendoza hired while serving overseas

Leo Mendoza

Leo Mendoza (left) receives a bronze star from Col. Mark H. Landes, the brigade commander for 3rd infantry brigade combat team, 1st armor division.

Leo Mendoza’s road to employment at Laramie River Station was anything but ordinary.

Mendoza sent in his application online, as many other job applicants do. His interview; however, was not conducted face-to-face, but rather over the phone. At the time, Mendoza was serving overseas, in his second deployment to Afghanistan to serve in the U.S. Army as network operations chief.

With his term soon ending, Mendoza had began to search for jobs upon his return to the United States.  Mendoza says it was important to find a job close to his hometown in Wheatland, WY. “I was really interested in getting a position at Basin Electric because it’s where my home is,” Mendoza says.

Basin Electric recognized that Mendoza was serving in Afghanistan and contacted him through email, eventually conducting an interview over the phone. Laramie River Station’s instrument supervisor, Greg Loveland, describes Basin Electric’s concentration on hiring qualified veterans and current military members. “Basin would like to give veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq every opportunity to have a job when they are finished with their military commitment,” Loveland says.

After the interview and reviewing Mendoza’s résumé, Loveland; Arnie Minear, Laramie River Station’s maintenance superintendent; and Brian Larson, Laramie River Station’s plant manager, decided to offer Mendoza a position as an instrument II. “His military experience, schooling and duties, plus his real life experiences are a great addition to Basin Electric,” Loveland says.

Although Mendoza had sent in his application Dec. 13, 2011, he did not begin work until Aug. 20, 2012, as he remained in active duty until then. Loveland says Mendoza’s skills were worth the wait. “Leo is a very conscientious and self motivated individual,” Loveland says. “He has a lot to learn about power plant instruments and controls, but he has applied himself to being the best I&C tech that he can.”

“I really appreciate Basin’s efforts to consider my application before I was even released and for their support throughout the rest of the hiring process,” Mendoza says.

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