Basin Electric helps 28 organizations fill hungry bellies during the holidays

We often think of the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year, but for some it’s a challenging time of trying to make ends meet. With COVID-19 adding some additional stress this year, Basin Electric’s charitable giving committee noticed they were receiving even more donation requests for food banks and pantries this year.

“There is such a great need for food right now,” says Jennifer Holen, Basin Electric charitable giving administrator and committee member. “So many are hurting during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

To help, Basin Electric donated $26,400 to 28 organizations during the holiday season. The money helped supply food banks and pantries, Meals on Wheels programs, soup kitchens, and more in our members’ communities.

“These organizations rely on donations so they can get food to people who need it most. These donations mean that fewer people have to worry about going hungry,” Holen says. “It really shows Basin’s commitment to the seven core cooperative principles, and is one way we live and breathe those principles.”

Throughout 2020, Basin Electric donated more than $76,000 to local hunger relief efforts at 66 organizations.

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