A day in the life of Senior Vice President and General Counsel Claire Olson

Claire Olson

Claire Olson, retired.

Being indoors is tough when there’s perfect golfing weather.

But tee time is here for Basin Electric’s now retired senior vice president and general counsel. After nearly 40 years of serving the cooperative’s legal department, Olson has earned some time on the fairway.

Of course, saying goodbye to beloved co-workers isn’t always easy.

“After working here for nearly 40 years, you have mixed feelings about leaving,” he says. “It’s like you spend 40 years with your family, and then you have to walk out the door.”

It’s a family Olson has loved since he started working at Basin Electric as a staff attorney in 1975, shortly after graduating from University of North Dakota Law School. Back then, Basin Electric was based in the Provident Life Building in downtown Bismarck, ND, and the current Headquarters building was under construction.

Read the full version of A day in the life of … Senior Vice President and General Counsel Claire Olson in the May-June 2015 issue of Basin Today.

Legal Department

(From left): Casey Jacobson, Claire Olson, Michelle Wiedrich, Darlene Steffan, Mark Foss, Deb Levchak, Russ Mather and Anine Lambert gather at Olson’s retirement party April 15.

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