Dragline being built at Freedom Mine

Dean Jones, project manager for The Coteau Properties Company, says the contractor mobilized in January and started work the first week of February. … [Read more...]

The final countdown: Emissions control project almost complete

Leland Olds Station is Basin Electric's first power plant. It is being fitted with a wet limestone scrubber. The scrubber will remove sulfur dioxide … [Read more...]

Record-breaking year at Basin Electric power plants

2009 was a record-setting year for Basin Electric’s three coal-based generating stations in North Dakota and Wyoming, especially during the month of … [Read more...]

2009 has been a big year of building at Basin Electric

The clanging of cold steel. The slop of wet concrete. The roar of the dozer. The sights and sounds of big-time construction can be found all over … [Read more...]

Last remaining shovel from Leland Olds Station 1963 groundbreaking?

There's history to dig up in Chris Baumgartner's office. The Basin Electric manager of member relations has an old rusty shovel in his office. … [Read more...]

Ball mill rollin’ at Leland Olds Station

It's a milestone in the emissions control project at Leland Olds Station. Ball mill "A" was started for the first time with the main motor. Sargent … [Read more...]

Topping out the steel at Basin Electric’s first power plant

The steel was “topped out” on the Leland Olds Station Emissions Control Project July 14. During a construction project, a “topping out” ceremony … [Read more...]

600-feet high at Leland Olds Station

Jared Barnhart, Jen Swanson, and Tracie Bettenhausen were allowed to go to the top of the new stack at Leland Olds Station near Stanton, ND, as they … [Read more...]

Water recedes. In a related story, river levels back up.

It was a difficult week for residents living in the central and eastern parts of North Dakota. Beulah, Hazen, Linton and some areas of Bismarck … [Read more...]

Not normal circumstances

The Leland Olds Station was shut down by yesterday afternoon due to falling water levels on the Missouri River. The coal-based plant uses river … [Read more...]