Top 10 stories in 2011 at Basin Electric: The Flip Side

Yesterday, you saw the top 10 Basin Electric videos in 2011. Here are the top 10 blog posts as tabulated by WordPress, our blogging platform: 1. … [Read more...]

Storm levels transmission tower

Leland Olds Station-to-Logan 230-kilovolt line

Chalk it up to a random act of weather. An early morning storm on Aug. 15 leveled one of Basin Electric's wooden H-frame structures in … [Read more...]

Helicopter replaces aerial markers on Basin Electric line

Prepping the aerial marker

It's a bird ... it's a plane. No, it's a helicopter -- carrying a big beach ball? That's not a beach ball. It's an aerial marker, and it has a very … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employees to speak at energy conference

Mark Thompson

The 32nd annual Energy Generation Conference will be held Jan. 25-27 at the Bismarck (ND) Civic Center. Professionals from across the continent … [Read more...]

Basin Electric talks scrubbers, tornado with media

"Top o' the morning! This is Daryl!” Basin Electric’s media relations supervisor, Daryl Hill, enthusiastically greets each caller on the phone. And … [Read more...]

Tours of Basin Electric plants change students’ minds

Leland Olds Station

"I just see so much gained in terms of motivation and realistic planning once students have been on the site. ... I definitely will plan to come again … [Read more...]

New shop at Leland Olds Station benefits from Home Depot closure

Shop at Leland Olds Station

The new shop at Leland Olds Station (built in 2009) has some used shelving. When asked if there were any issues because the shelving was used, … [Read more...]

Video from the Montana Limestone dedication held in June

Montana Limestone truck dump and rail load out dedication

The newest Montana landmark is a load-out facility spanning U.S. Hwy 310 about 55 miles south of Laurel. Learn more about the project in the video … [Read more...]

Touring Montana Limestone’s locomotives

On June 10, friends and neighbors of Montana Limestone Company near Warren, MT, gathered to dedicate a new truck dump and rail load-out facility. The … [Read more...]

Safety milestone at Leland Olds Station

The employees at the Leland Olds Station, Stanton, ND, achieved a rare milestone at the beginning of the month. On April 7, employees reached 1 … [Read more...]