A day in the life of Senior Land Surveyor Matt Weeks

Matt Weeks

Light snow falls from the morning darkness Dec. 16, as Matt Weeks pulls up to a gas pump in Mandan, ND. A couple hours of road time lie between him … [Read more...]

Top 11 Basin Electric videos of 2014

Here is our list of top videos for 2014 on YouTube. Many of these videos have been tops for several years running, but this list reflects the views in … [Read more...]

Basin Electric line crew re-conductors line southwest of Minot

It’s not a typical project for Basin Electric’s line crew. Normally during the fall, they focus on line maintenance, but recently they worked on a … [Read more...]

Ground broken for urea production facility project

Jim Greer

Dakota Gasification Company emphasizes product diversity at its Great Plains Synfuels Plant, located near Beulah, ND. Come 2017, the Basin Electric … [Read more...]

Basin Electric focusing on the future

Basin Electric needs additional generation and transmission resources to serve its members’ needs. This much is known. What's not completely clear, … [Read more...]

Expert defends siting efforts

An archaeological expert is speaking out in defense of Basin Electric's siting efforts along the proposed 345-kilovolt transmission line being planned … [Read more...]

Basin Electric addresses editorial on transmission line

Steve Tomac, Basin Electric senior legislative representative, stopped by the KFGO radio studios in Fargo, ND, on Feb. 18 to visit with News and … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employees prepared for winter safety

Trent Schwahn

Over the past few months Trent Schwahn, Basin Electric electrical engineer II, has made many trips from Headquarters to Lonesome Creek Station, … [Read more...]

Proposed study surprises Basin Electric and landowners

It takes years to develop a transmission line – and that’s before a shovel ever hits the ground. For Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station (AVS) … [Read more...]

Building to meet the cooperative’s member needs

It’s no secret. The Bakken is booming in the Williston Basin, and the effects of it are being felt throughout the region. To keep up with the … [Read more...]