Youth Tour 2016: A moment at the Changing of the Guard

Youth Tour 2016

Katie Ryan-Anderson is the manager of member communications for Dakota Valley and Northern Plains Electric Cooperatives in North Dakota. As a … [Read more...]

How electric cooperatives are helping the healers

West River Health Services

Two scenarios. Choose one: Your doctor decides getting an MRI is necessary. The hospital doesn’t have an MRI machine on site. They do have a … [Read more...]

Top 11 stories of 2015 at Basin Electric: Live Wire

Rohrer family

On Dec. 30, you saw the top 9 Basin Electric videos of 2015. Here are the top 11 viewed blog posts as tabulated by WordPress, our blogging … [Read more...]

Beautiful Christmas, even in a bucket truck

You might see a Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives commercial running on your social media channels, be it Twitter or Facebook, or you might even see it … [Read more...]

A day in the life of Director Roberta Rohrer

Roberta Rohrer and Paul Sukut

Little did she know, but Roberta Rohrer was running a 1979 co-op board election campaign from a pickup truck on the edge of the Great … [Read more...]

Little girl with a role model at Basin Electric

Tatyana Rohrer

Kim Kranz, Basin Electric program communications coordinator II, meets a lot of children. She runs Basin Electric's Story Behind the Switch, an … [Read more...]

Co-ops team up to convert community eyesore into community centerpiece

The cooperative principle, concern for community, was never more visible in Fairfield, MT, than with a community parking lot project that brought two … [Read more...]

A day in the life of Basin Electric Director Allen Thiessen

Allen Thiessen, being interviewed.

If you want a glimpse into the heart of the cooperative philosophy, hop into Allen and Sue Thiessen’s pickup truck, and ride through Lambert, … [Read more...]

Culbertson Generation Station gets visitors from Poplar, MT

Joe Fiedler talking with students.

Some of our favorite days are tour days. That's because we get to show off what we do, make new friends, possibly surprise, and certainly teach … [Read more...]

Spring storm means outages for Basin Electric members

Snow. Wind. Cold and rainy. These are many of the ingredients needed for power outages. Following is a round-up of what some of Basin Electric's … [Read more...]