Big safety milestones at Basin Electric facilities


Safety is paramount at Basin Electric. The proof is in the numbers. Check out these astounding safety statistics from our … [Read more...]

Top 11 stories of 2012 at Basin Electric: Live Wire

On Friday, you saw the top 9 Basin Electric videos of 2012. Here are the top 11 viewed blog posts as tabulated by Wordpress, our blogging … [Read more...]

Minot area students tour PrairieWinds 1

PrairieWinds 1

The wind played along and blew good and strong for the group of Minot area high school students who visited the PrairieWinds 1 site south of Minot, … [Read more...]

Co-op electricians bring power back to Minot, ND, park

Minot, ND flood damage

"You forget about it when you don't hear about it. And then you see it. Oh jeez, these people really got hit hard." The quote above was Josh … [Read more...]

Basin Electric watches for whooping cranes

Crow Lake Wind Project

The whooping crane has come back from the brink of extinction, yet its continued endangered status leaves it as one of the most beautiful sights that … [Read more...]

Day in the life of a Basin Electric wind technician

Welcome to Patrick Hurt’s office. He’s the lead wind technician at the PrairieWinds ND 1 facilities south of Minot, ND. He and his fellow techs … [Read more...]

PrairieWinds: Quick growth, powerful partnerships

Basin Electric’s wind subsidiaries have grown up quickly – sprouting wind turbines in two states. PrairieWinds ND 1 claimed the largest wind … [Read more...]

Basin Electric wind project featured on Chevy’s website

Basin Electric's Crow Lake Wind Project in South Dakota is being featured on Chevrolet’s website. It is one of 16 new projects Chevrolet recently … [Read more...]

Turbine with broken blade fixed near Minot (Photos)

PrairieWinds ND 1

As we reported in May (PrairieWinds ND 1 turbine damaged near Minot, ND), one of the turbine blades in the PrairieWinds ND 1 wind project failed in … [Read more...]

Lifts take cooperative wind techs to the top

Imagine climbing a vertical ladder that's 262-feet high, just to start your job. That's what the wind technicians at the PrairieWinds ND 1 and … [Read more...]