Mercer County supports kids battling cancer through Brave the Shave (Video)


“Nobody should suffer through cancer. Period,” says Chad Edwards, Antelope Valley Station plant manager. On March 17, Edwards and many others … [Read more...]

Antelope Valley Station raises $6,600 before a single brave head is shaved

Antelope Valley Station

This afternoon, the Mercer County Head-Shaving Event brought together Basin Electric employees from Leland Olds Station, the Great Plains Synfuels … [Read more...]

Why Basin? Support the co-op, serve the membership

Justin Morgen

When Basin Electric participated in a nationwide emergency response exercise last November, the cooperative wanted Justin Morgen on its team. And … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: 45-year employee says there’s always something new to learn

Doug Bjornson

Doug Bjornson celebrated his 45th year of working at Basin Electric on Jan. 14, and he was met with congratulations from many of his co-workers. He … [Read more...]

Why Basin? Teach thousands of tourists about power plants

Paige Fleck

When welcoming visitors to Antelope Valley Station, there’s a good chance Paige Fleck and her co-workers will provide snacks and cheerful background … [Read more...]

Basin Electric Sharing Trees help more people than ever (Video)

Sharing Tree 2015

Basin Electric employees gave a record number of Christmas presents this year to those in need through Sharing Trees across many Basin Electric … [Read more...]

Military Appreciation Lunch at Antelope Valley Station

Antelope Valley volunteers

Employee support for the Wounded Warrior Project came in the form of 11 volunteers and about 100 attendees at Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station … [Read more...]

SD lawmakers hear ND energy story

"It's that educational perspective." Ed Anderson, South Dakota Rural Electric Association (SDREA) general manager, is talking about the annual tour … [Read more...]

A model citizen: Tour guide helps maintain Antelope Valley rendering

Paper Clip

Leave it to a former camera repairman to fix a power plant model. That’s exactly what Daryl Hill was up to Aug. 26, when he visited Antelope Valley … [Read more...]

Intense look inside a coal based steam boiler

Looking inside the boiler at Antelope Valley Station

The boiler is one of the main attractions when we take people on a tour of our power plants. It's huge - 277 feet tall, taller than the 242-foot tall … [Read more...]