Basin Electric employees pack and deliver four tons of food

The ante was upped, but Paul Cook, web services coordinator and Basin Electric’s United Way Backpack Program coordinator, wasn’t worried. In 2016, … [Read more...]

Hearts, hope, and hair make Brave the Shave 2017 special

Each participant had his or her own reason for shaving or cutting their hair. There was a teenage sister who lopped off her lovely long locks to … [Read more...]

Local co-op celebrating first birthday

Food co-op logo

Basin Electric is proud to support the BisMan Community Food Co-op. This week, the food cooperative is celebrating their first birthday! Click on … [Read more...]

Basin Electric director talks leadership

Both inside and outside the board room, Basin Electric Director Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative, Minot, ND, subscribes to … [Read more...]

Basin Electric: Strong and United

Strong & United. It was the theme of Basin Electric's 2016 Annual Meeting, and it graces the cover of the 2016 Annual Report, available on the … [Read more...]

Beulah Rural Fire Department benefits from Basin Electric surplus asset donation

The Beulah Rural Fire Department is the proud new owner of several well-cared-for auto extraction tools, courtesy of Basin Electric and Dakota … [Read more...]

Basin Electric kickstarts Bismarck Public Schools Foundation’s innovation grant program

Basin Electric recently gave $20,000 to the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation to kickstart the Foundation’s “innovation grant” program, which will … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employee and 10-year Brave the Shave participant misses flagship event

Tucker Smith, Basin Electric commodity quantitative analyst, was one of just three people who shaved their heads for all of Brave the Shave’s 10 years … [Read more...]

Capital Electric linemen growing mustaches for a special cause

Cookie Duster. Crumb Catcher. Mouth Brow. Lip Caterpillar. The mustache goes by many names – and in March, it is serving a very important purpose … [Read more...]

Brave the Shave 2017 social media roundup


What a day! Donations for the campaign are still being accepted and tallied. Now in its 10th year, the Brave the Shave campaign has raised more than … [Read more...]