Dr. Scott Tinker delivers keynote at Basin Electric Annual Meeting

Dr. Scott Tinker was the keynote speaker at the Basin Electric 2020 Annual Meeting. Tinker is the director of the 250-person Bureau of Economic Geology, the state geologist of Texas, a professor holding the Allday Endowed Chair in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin, and co-producer of the award-winning energy documentary film Switch. He works to bring industry, government, academia, and nongovernmental organizations together to address major societal challenges in energy, the environment, and the economy.

Tinker’s message focused on the societal changes that are impacting the energy industry. He started off with the big picture, showing that several of the world’s biggest issues relate to poverty, and that energy (or lack of it) is an important component of poverty.

Dr. Tinker delivering the keynote presentation virtually

“Looking at a map of the world of electricity, if you look where the lights are on, it’s the wealthy areas. We show a very strong correlation that the more electricity you have, the wealthier you tend to be. The average person in Ethiopia or Kenya consumes less electricity than my refrigerator. My fridge consumes nine time more electricity than the average Ethiopian and three times more that the average Kenyan, and that’s poverty,” he said.

Tinker sees the overlap between energy, the economy, and the environment as critically important, and calls it the radical middle. “Different groups must work hard together to address and solve major issues in the radical middle, such as energy poverty and climate change. No solution is perfect, and compromise is required,” he said.

Tinker’s message focused on the societal changes that are impacting the energy industry.

Read more about the presentation, and see summaries and video of other presentations on the Annual Meeting page at basinelectric.com.

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