Longtime Basin Electric leader hangs up his hard hat


A man of integrity. Fairness. Respect. Consideration. A true servant leader. All these words have been used to describe John Jacobs, Basin Electric senior vice president of Operations. Jacobs retired on May 29 after a 41-year career at Basin Electric.

Being in charge of the department that generates the very electricity that powers the cooperative and its members is a big responsibility, but Jacobs is a humble man, saying he worked for his employees and the members at the end of the line. And that is exactly what made him such a successful leader.

Jacobs says he was initially hired for a three-to-four-year job at Antelope Valley Station, but the plant “became my life,” he says. “Nothing happened at that plant that I wasn’t involved in – from the first shovel in the ground until I walked out of the building on my last day at Basin Electric.”

As those three or four years at Antelope Valley turned into 35, Jacobs’ roles shifted from civil engineer to administrative supervisor of construction, then maintenance superintendent, then plant manager, a position he held until being promoted to senior vice president of Operations in 2014, an achievement he says was the “golden ring of his career.”

Read more about Jacobs’ career, including some of his fondest (and not so fond) memories, in the Basin Today story, After 41 years, John Jacobs hangs up his hard hat, which is found in the summer issue.


  1. Gary Regynski says:

    John Jacobs stands in the long line of outstanding Basin Electric leaders. John is a super person, and was privileged to know him from work and community.

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