McCone Electric’s drive-in annual meeting in Montana brings record attendance

McCone Electric Co-op, a Basin Electric Class C member in Circle, Montana, held Montana’s first drive-in electric co-op annual meeting on June 5.

Due to social distancing guidelines because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many cooperatives are canceling their 2020 annual meetings. McCone Electric found a safe solution to get together with their members.

There were 225 registered members in attendance, which is up 35% over average. After the attendees lined up to receive their lunches and a $40 service credit, they tuned into FM radio to hear the meeting broadcasted through their vehicle speakers.

Scot Brown, McCone Electric manager of member services & compliance, says the co-op wanted to keep the meeting on the same day they always have it.

“With everything going on, we wanted to keep things going as normal as possible,” Brown says. “We talked about postponing or canceling but felt like this was the best option.”

This was McCone Electric’s 75th annual meeting and surely one that won’t soon be forgotten.

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