Basin Electric’s Dry Fork Station receives award for supporting fire department


Dry Fork Station Senior Safety Coordinator Ashley Fraser presents a donation to Chief Jeff Bender and crew members.

Basin Electric is proud to receive the Campbell County Fire Department’s (CCFD) Friend of the CCFD award. The award is given annually to a business that goes above and beyond to support the fire department.

Each year, Basin Electric makes a donation to the fire department, but in 2019 an additional $10,000 donation was given to thank the fire department for all the support they provided to Dry Fork Station (Gillette, Wyoming) that year. The extra funds helped revamp the training center, a facility Basin Electric employees also use for fire extinguisher training.

The CCFD and Basin Electric have built a solid relationship over the years. The fire department has responded to incidents at Dry Fork Station, and Basin Electric welcomes the fire department to do on-site training. “We have built relationships among employees and fire fighters, and this has been a benefit when incidents occur or training is needed,” says Ashley Fraser, senior safety coordinator at Dry Fork Station.

Fraser also pointed out what a big part of the community the CCFD is. “They support us and don’t expect anything in return. They’re our frontline defense in emergencies, and we can always rely on them,” she says.

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