Power of Community, through the eyes of a Basin Electric employee #PowerON

Throughout communities across America, it’s getting hard to ignore the sidewalk art from neighborhood to neighborhood. Messages of hope and color are helping to shed light on the world during a particularly dark time. With parents and children staying at home, people are struggling to find a social activity while being socially responsible.

During a walk in and around his neighborhood just west of the capitol building in Bismarck, North Dakota, Basin Electric multimedia specialist II Kurt Capouch couldn’t help but notice the artwork gracing the sidewalks and he took photos of his favorite pieces.

I think people are creating these art pieces because they are isolated at home and want to express hope,” Capouch says. “They are showing their community that they’re here and want to lift people’s spirits in a tough time. It’s especially hard for the young children at home who are typically excited to go to school but now they don’t understand why schools are closed.”

When Capouch returned home he added his own artistic touch to the photos, and in no time flat produced a short, feel-good video portraying the power these simple doodles on the sidewalk can have on a community. “I did the video for me, but if it can bring a smile by sharing it, I’m happy to share.”

Watch the video.

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