Engineers Week at Basin Electric: Peter Moch

In honor of Engineers Week, we asked a few questions to Peter Moch, civil engineer III at Basin Electric. Moch is part of the Bakken Generation Team.

Peter Moch - Engineers Week

  1. What’s a favorite project you’ve worked on? Probably the North Killdeer Loop Substation Grading Projects. They involved large earthwork equipment moving massive quantities of dirt for months. Most people find it boring, but I love watching all the large equipment work together to change an existing site into something I drew up on paper.
  2. Why do you choose to be part of the Basin Electric team? They truly promote work-life balance at Basin Electric. The work is challenging and constantly changing, and Basin is great about providing you the necessary tools to complete each task.
  3. What’s a misconception about engineers? That we’re all nerds that hate social interaction. Most of us enjoy interacting with people, but some of us do avoid eye contact.  Also, people assume that we are supposed to be experts in every subject. I can’t tell you how often I hear, “You’re an engineer; you should know that.”
  4. What’s the toughest part of your job? I would say coordination between all of the different disciplines and personalities that need to work together on a project team to achieve a successful outcome for that project.
  5. How does your area of expertise benefit the others on your team? I like to think that civil engineers provide the ground work or foundation for all projects. Without the proper foundation, the project cannot succeed.

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