Basin Electric showcases the ways we’re powering together

annual meeting booths

From the booths area at Basin Electric’s Annual Meeting.

Basin Electric’s 2019 Annual Meeting is next week and there’s nothing more exciting that getting together with members to talk about successes and vision. When you’re not listening to the presenters and panels, make sure to stop by and visit the 10 booths, open at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Here’s a sneak peak at some new booths you can expect.

Basin Electric’s Chevy Bolt

Electric vehicles were introduced in the 1890s but just recently started getting traction. Basin Electric purchased two Chevy Bolts for its fleet in June 2018. With an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles, the Bolt is here for the long haul. Stop by to hear from Jeremy Woeste, member media coordinations, how the shift toward electric is a benefit for members, learn about new technology that’s arrived, and get a first-hand feel of the Chevy Bolt.

Lignite Energy Council’s Tesla

The Tesla Model X was leased by the Lignite Energy Council for three years. Driving the Tesla gives you the ease of driving an electric golf cart but with all of the bells, whistles, and gadgets of a huge computer. Stop by to check it out! Employees of the Lignite Energy Council will talk about how this little blue car is a big supporter of coal and can handle Midwestern driving in all four seasons.

Capital Electric’s Electric ATV

ATVs are always fun but this Prowler EV is very quick with incredible torque. After it’s fully charged (which can take 8-12 hours at 120 volts), it has roughly a 40-mile range. It also has regenerative braking, independent suspension and a rear-facing seat that converts to a work table. It’s fun to drive, quiet, and requires almost zero maintenance. Stop by to check it out and talk with Wes Engbrecht, Josh Schaffner, and Jared Nygard from Capital Electric.


Visit this booth to learn about two successful, recently-completed environmental projects: the bottom ash upgrade at Leland Olds Station near Stanton, North Dakota, and the selective catalytic reduction at the Laramie River Station near Wheatland, Wyoming. You’ll get to see construction photos and learn about the purpose, scope, budget, process, challenges, schedule, etc. Both of these major projects, required so these power plants remain in environmental compliance, were completed on time, within the budget, and with excellent safety records.

Member Investment Program

This group will have a fun game and prizes but they aren’t sharing the details yet! Stop by to see what they’re cooking up and learn why the Member Investment Program might be a great benefit for your co-op.

Transmission System Maintenance (TSM)

This is one booth that’s going to be hard to miss. The line workers will have a hot stick demonstration and live line work including a faraday suit. The substation electricians are bringing a 115-kilovolt (kV) potential transformer and a 230-kV lightning arrester so you can see just how big some of the substation equipment is. They’ll also demonstrate power factor testing on these pieces of equipment so you can see real test results and how TSM determines if a piece of equipment is safe to energize at very high voltage levels. TSM will also have multiple pieces of testing equipment on display like an infrared camera which is used to find hot spots in a substation or on a transmission line.

Basin Electric Annual Meeting

The theme of Basic Electric’s 2019 Annual Meeting is Powering Together. This year’s booths help showcase the ways we cooperate together to serve our members and their communities.

Check out Basin Electric’s 2019 Annual meeting page for more information including the entire event schedule.

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