Emergency Drill Training takes place at Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Every three years, the Great Plains Synfuels Plant goes through an emergency response full-scale exercise.

Wayne Herman, emergency response & fire and security supervisor, works closely with Mercer County Emergency response organizations to coordinate the exercise.

“We are not only regulated to complete this exercise, but it is also a good idea due to the size of our facility and the amount of hazards we have on site,” Herman says. “It helps us build relationships with the local emergency responders and also test our plans to make sure they work.”

The Mercer Country Local Emergency Planning Committee requires every facility in Mercer County undergo training every three years.

“The objective is to find any flaws in our plan before the real thing happens”, Herman says. “This exercise is a great way to test the Sakakawea Medical Center’s surge plan, which brings in a large amount of patients in short period of time.”

Learn more about the emergency drill in the video below.

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