Basin Electric donates suburban to Ronald McDonald Care Mobile program


Basin Electric has continued involvement with the Ronald McDonald House’s Care Mobile Program with a donation of a suburban from their fleet. The suburban serves the purpose of a Tooth Taxi for the program.

Shawn Deisz, Basin Electric vice president and controller, serves on the Ronald McDonald House Care Mobile Advisory Committee.

“I have heard from many people that they have seen the Tooth Taxi on the road with Basin’s sponsorship info displayed,” Deisz says.

The Care Mobile is a dental clinic set up in a truck. The purpose of the Care Mobile is to provide dental care to children ages 0-21 in need. The Care Mobile cannot hold passengers, which is why the Tooth Taxi is needed. The Tooth Taxi transports staff to and from the areas the Care Mobile is serving every day.

“The kids love going on the Care Mobile. There are so many kids that are seen that have never been to a dentist and don’t own a toothbrush.  It’s amazing to see how much their lives improve when their teeth don’t hurt,” Deisz says.

When the Care Mobile program first launched, it was supported by many cooperatives, and still is to this day. In 2012, Basin Electric donated a surplus van from their fleet to serve as their Tooth Taxi.

“I am so proud that Basin is willing to provide support for programs like this,” Deisz says.

Now that you know more about the Tooth Taxi, we bet you’ll flash your pearly whites and wave hello!


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