Dragging through the summer with Basin Electric employee Dustin Buchmann


Dustin Buchmann with his son, Cruz, daughter, Claire, and wife, Nicole.

The phrase “dragging on” has an entirely different meaning for Antelope Valley Station Electrician I, Dustin Buchmann. Buchmann spends most of his summer doing something most people don’t have the guts to do: drag racing. The sport of drag racing could be considered second nature for Buchmann, who has been hooked on the sport since he was eight years old.

Buchmann credits his dad, Lucky, for giving him the racing bug. “He raced a 1970 Chevelle SS and I went with him and my mom, Lisa, as often as I could,” Buchmann says. “I loved being around all the cars and the people.”

At age 16, “pretty much the same day I got my driver’s license,” Buchmann says, he launched his own racing adventure.

Racing is not just a pastime for Buchmann, it’s a lifestyle, because it’s a sport his entire family cherishes.

“From the late nights working in the shop together getting cars ready, to the time spent with friends and family at the track. Cars and racing are my family’s passion,” he says.

This sport has created many memories for Buchmann. When asked about his favorite drag racing memory, his answer is hard to imagine.

“My favorite memory is the first time I ever drove a car with 1,300 horsepower,” he says. “It’s an experience that’s hard to describe. The front tires come off the ground, and the car carries them for 20 feet or so. Then you do a quarter-mile pass in eight seconds at 170 miles per hour.”

Drag racing is different from other types of racing because the outcome isn’t always determined by the racer’s budget.

“In drag racing, you do not need to have a Super Comp Dragster or a Super Gas Car to race and be competitive,” Buchmann says.  “You can bring your minivan or motorcycle to the track and compete. The type of drag racing we do is called bracket racing, which evens the playing field for all types of cars and budgets.”

Buchmann’s dedication to this sport isn’t always easy with a full-time job and family, but he knows exactly how he can continue to compete.

“The support from my wife, Nicole, and my kids, Cruz and Claire, keeps me going,” he says.

Buchmann travels near and far to compete in the sport he loves. You can find him racing throughout the summer in Jamestown and Minot, North Dakota; Pierre and Sturgis, South Dakota; and Glyndon, Minnesota.


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