Basin Electric employee shows how electric vehicle industry is making strides with innovation

We all know the drill: summer comes along, the grass grows, and you fill your little red gas tank for the season and get the lawnmower running. However, for Kurt Capouch, Basin Electric multimedia specialist II and audio/video producer, there is a step in that process that is different – filling the gas tank.

Kurt owns an all-electric lawnmower. There is no need for him to have the little red gas tank for his mower. He charges the battery, mows the lawn, folds it up, and stores it upright in his garage.

“The batteries fully charge from empty to full, in approximately 20 minutes. There is virtually zero vibration in the handle grips, and starting is a button hold and pull back on the bar. Then, you are on your way. As far as power, there is no difference with mowing any length of grass. There is plenty of torque, as much as any gas powered, in my opinion,” Capouch says.

The electric vehicle industry is making new strides that many people do not know about. Jeremy Woeste, Basin Electric member media coordinator, has also taken special interest in the developments the industry has made.

“The industry has changed so much in the last two years, I can’t imagine the strides it will make in the next five,” Woeste says. “There are so many different options on the market: all-electric semis, charter buses, pickup trucks, motorcycles, and even boats.”

Basin Electric has taken interest in the electric vehicle industry as well. Recently, two all-electric cars were added to the fleet.

“Since I purchased my lawnmower, three of my neighbors purchased battery-powered lawnmowers as well.  The biggest comments from passersby, and neighbors. It’s always, ‘wow, that is nice and quiet’,” Capouch says. “Don’t be afraid to explore the electric side of yard equipment, cars, whatever it may be, they might surprise you.”

Read more about Basin Electric member Capital Electric’s experience with the electric vehicle industry in the Basin Today Summer 2018 issue: What increasing electric vehicle ownership means for Basin Electric and its membership

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