Basin Electric employees continue involvement with Sleep in Heavenly Peace


Basin Electric recently contributed $6,500 to the Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Brookings, South Dakota chapter. The money was enough to ensure that 43 children will no longer sleep on the floor.

The Brookings chapter participated in the organization’s national Bunks Across America build day on June 15. The chapter had help from the core team and over 300 volunteers throughout the day. The end result was 214 total beds built. This translates to 214 children that will no longer be sleeping on the floor. In total, with over 100 chapters participating and 8,534 volunteers, the number of beds built was over 5,380.

Phil Gunyon and Kevin Crose, both operations technicians at Deer Creek Station, were involved with the Bunks Across America build day.

“Our motto, ‘no kid sleeps on the floor in our town!’ can only be accomplished by the generosity of people and companies such as Basin,” Gunyon says.

The Brookings chapter has helped two other chapters form and is in the process of getting a third one started. Since they first became a chapter in June 2018, they have hosted over 30 builds. Year to date, the Brookings chapter has built 605 beds. The chapter serves a 60-mile radius.

“It makes me proud to be a part of the Basin family. I appreciate the support they are willing to give to their employees that are trying to make their little corner of the world a better place,” Gunyon says.

The contribution from Basin Electric and its employees shows the value the seven cooperative principles hold.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace has previously been featured in Basin Today (Summer 2018): Basin Electric employee brings comfort to families in need, one bed at a time.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace and the Brookings chapter published a video about their Bunks Across America Build day.

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