Basin Electric, Pete Lien & Sons celebrate 25 years of cooperation


Frannie Lime Plant.

The partnership between Basin Electric and Pete Lien & Sons offers significant benefits to both businesses. With Basin Electric subsidiary Dakota Coal selling lime to Antelope Valley Station and Laramie River Station, the more lime produced, the lower the cost per ton. Last year’s production was an all-time production record, significantly reducing Basin Electric’s costs.

The Frannie Lime Plant adds a third lime supply to the ones Pete Lien & Sons has in Laramie, Wyoming, and Rapid City, South Dakota, creating a triangle around the area it serves. All the kilns at these three plants and the quality of lime they produce are similar, so they can produce acceptable product for any of its customers, which is a huge benefit. “This triangle allows us to supply any of our customers if another plant is down for maintenance or supply is running low at one plant. It also allows us to share labor, if necessary. When you only have 15 employees and you run 24/7, 345 days a year, that is a big help,” says Scott Allred, manager of the Frannie Lime Plant.

“We are a relatively small company in the big scheme of things, so these benefits are huge in helping us compete with some very large international companies,” says Joel Brannan, chief executive officer and executive vice president of Pete Lien & Sons.

Read more about the beneficial relationship in the Basin Today Spring Issue: Basin Electric, Pete Lien & Sons celebrate 25 years of cooperation

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