Basin Electric employee spearheads event giving haircuts to kids

This is a guest post by Jade Neumann, Basin Electric multimedia specialist I – graphics.

Sommer Hunke and Jade Neumann

Sommer Hunke and Jade Neumann, ‘Cuts for Kids organizers.

I’m currently participating in the Center for Technology and BusinessWomen’s Leadership Program. This program focuses on many aspects of leadership, but one part that is held closest to my heart is volunteerism and leadership in the community. As a part of this program, I was required to partner up with another member of the program and do a fundraiser that benefits the community in some way. Sommer Hunke and I partnered up and quickly expanded off of her idea of giving free haircuts to kids that might not get a haircut otherwise. We targeted Jeannette Myhre, a high-poverty school within Bismarck, and ‘Cuts for Kids arose.

‘Cuts for Kids assembled nearly 30 volunteers on May 1 to provide free lice checks, full-size shampoo and conditioner, haircuts, nail painting, face painting, carnival games, coloring activities, snacks, and more. We originally intended for only students of Jeannette Myhre to get haircuts, but as families showed up, we realized that there was a need greater than that. We decided to allow anyone that wanted a haircut, could get one. Ultimately, we gave 67 haircuts to individuals in the community.

My heart broke and grew, all at the same time. A grandmother cried as we told her that she could get her hair cut too, because she couldn’t remember the last time she had a haircut. A little girl told me she’s been waiting for a year or two for this as her bangs hung over her eyes. I asked what she’s been waiting for and she said, “a haircut,” and beamed with excitement. A toddler boy went from sulking at the snack table to striking a pose to everyone that would look after his mane was trimmed. A pregnant mother shrieked with excitement when I asked if she and her daughters wanted to get their nails done. There were so many instances that filled my heart, and so many that made me wish I could do more. But the event was so much more than just giving free haircuts. We were able to give something more valuable: confidence.

We cut 67 heads of hair at Jeannette Myhre yesterday! From lice registration to lice checks, to haircuts, to nail…

Posted by Cuts for Kids on Thursday, May 2, 2019

This event wouldn’t have been possible without all of our contributors. I would like to thank the Women’s Leadership program for sparking the fire, Sommer for her help as a partner, the nine stylists that volunteered, the face painters, nail painters, lice checkers, registration volunteers, donors, and Dakota Horizons Girl Scouts. Additionally, I’d like to thank Basin Electric for their support as an employer through this. I was allowed to do a shampoo and conditioner drive where hundreds of pounds of conditioner were collected, receive a monetary donation from charitable giving, collect donations from employees, and more.

For anyone looking to support this cause and the families at Jeannette Myhre, donations can be made here:

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