The Power of Determination – story of a Basin Electric member in Wyoming

Henry Poling is a member of Wheatland Rural Electric Association in Wheatland, Wyoming.

Rancher and Wheatland REA consumer Henry Poling was slammed into a gate by a yearling in the fall of 1993. The strike to his midsection left him with crushed vertebrae and a life in a wheel chair.

He told his physical therapist “My life is still going to go on.”

Twenty-five years later, Henry is running his ranch along with selling pies, jams, and jellies that he makes.

Watch this video, produced by our Class A member Tri-State G&T, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Wheatland REA is a Basin Electric Class C member, and headquartered in Wheatland, Wyoming.


  1. Sharon deboyes says:

    Sometimes its easy to feel discouraged about what you see around you.sadness,ignorance.violence,political correctness that causes division that need not be there.then you see a story about someone like Henry and you realize,here is a man,who because his Sterling character is a force for what we all know is good and prescious.He doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself waiting for his government check.He takes care of himself and contributes positively to this world we all share.God bless you Henry.

  2. God bless you henry. If I wasn’t, 88 yrs old I would have to come and visit you

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