StoryCorps finds compelling stories in North Dakota thanks to help from Basin Electric

Jacqueline Van Meter, StoryCorps administrator, facilitates interviews in the mobile booth.

Each year at our Annual Meeting, we share a video focused on different facets of cooperative social responsibility at Basin Electric and in our membership.

You can find what social responsibility means to Basin Electric within the Seven Cooperative Principles. We stand for working for our members. We stand for democracy, education, and cooperation among cooperatives. We stand for our communities – filling the needs we see – just as we did all the way back to building our own power poles and power plants to bring electricity to our farms and ranches.

We will be sharing pieces of the cooperative social responsibility video here over the next couple of months, starting with the segment focused on cultural and arts.

Basin Electric was a lead sponsor in bringing StoryCorps to Bismarck for a month. StoryCorps collects stories from residents which are then archived in the Library of Congress and sometimes used for broadcast on PBS and other StoryCorps platforms.

We interviewed Jacqueline Van Meter, StoryCorps administrator, and Marnie Piehl and Dina Butcher, two StoryCorps interviewees. They talk about the importance of storytelling to collecting a community’s history.

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