Low-temp heat pumps in high-elevations … can they save Colorado co-op members money?


Chris Michalowski and Rob Taylor of Mountain Parks Electric show off the low-temperature air-source heat pump used in the co-op’s recent pilot project in Granby, Colorado.

Innovation isn’t always brand-new technology. Sometimes it is using existing technology in a brand-new way.

Mountain Parks Electric, a Basin Electric member based in Granby, Colorado, is doing just that, using out-of-the-box thinking to study whether low-temperature air-source heat pumps could be used efficiently in its high-altitude service territory to help members lower their heating costs.

For several years, many of these residential members have been asking the co-op if there is an electric heating system that is affordable and price competitive with propane, but for the past several years, that answer has been no.

After hearing this question over and over again, and knowing that low-temperature air-source heat pumps have been used effectively in many other areas of the country, Chris Michalowski, Mountain Parks Electric power use advisor, wondered if they could be effective in high elevations like Mountain Parks Electric’s service area.

Find out what Mountain Parks’ pilot project showed in the story, “Colorado co-op using existing technology for innovative solution” which is featured in the summer 2018 issue of Basin Today.


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