Welcome to the rEVolution

Capital Electric staff with Elektra, their Chevrolet Bolt.

(From left) Josh Schaffner, Capital Electric energy services supervisor, and Wes Engbrecht, Capital Electric director of communications and public relations, with “Elektra,” the co-op’s new plug-in electric vehicle.

As research by an internal team at Basin Electric surmised in 2016, electric vehicles just weren’t suited for the climate and wide open spaces of the Great Plains.

As time passes and technology improves, however, it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.” Factors such as public sentiment, oil prices, environmental regulations, taxation, and battery technology enhancements all point to a continued upward trend in EV ownership nationwide.

To better understand the technology for their members, Basin Electric purchased two Chevrolet Bolts and member Capital Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota, leased a Bolt this summer. Questions from the co-op’s membership include topics such as possible off-peak charging rate incentives and the vehicle’s performance in cold weather.

Read more about Capital Electric’s experience with the vehicle, and what it hopes to learn, in the Basin Today Summer Issue: What increasing electric vehicle ownership means for Basin Electric and its membership

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