Dry Fork Station A Crew looks out for ‘family’

When crew members work together, they become more than just plant workers, they become like a family.

On May 30, Ray Turman, Dry Fork Station shift supervisor, and his crew showed up for their final night shift, but one employee was missing. Dominic Moore, Dry Fork Station assistant station operator, had not turned up for his shift.

The initial thought was that he was running a little late. After a short while, Turman became concerned because Moore was a conscientious employee who would have informed him if he couldn’t make it to work. Members of the crew attempted to contact him knowing he was never far from his phone, but when they weren’t able to reach him, they knew something wasn’t right.

Not wanting to raise any alarms, Turman contacted Moore’s emergency contact, his mom, taking a gentle approach to raising his and his crew’s concerns. After being alerted, Moore’s mom went to check on him.

Moore had gone home the morning after his night shift, gone to bed, and fell into an unconscious state due to a medical condition. When Moore’s mom checked on him, he was unresponsive. Moore’s mother contacted Turman to inform him and the crew that Moore was being transported to the hospital. Not long after the initial call, Moore’s mother called again to let the crew know he was being flown to Rapid City for medical treatment. “We knew then the situation was serious and that we had made the right call,” Turman says.

Several days after the incident, Turman and his crew were informed that Moore’s condition had improved and he could return to work soon. After a two week stint away from Dry Fork Station, Moore returned. “It was really good that the crew took the time to check on me. I really appreciate that,” Moore says.

In addition to his appreciation to his crew, Moore stressed the importance of the emergency contact information. “The emergency contact information isn’t just for incidents that happen in the workplace, it’s for anytime there is concern for a crew member. The crew made the right call to check my emergency contact information,” he says.

In addition to the incident having a profound effect on all the members of Ray Turman’s A Crew, it was also a shining example of how valuable relationships between crew members are across the Basin Electric power plant sites.


  1. Ashley Fraser says:

    You guys are amazing and thank you for watching out for each other! Great example of Teamwork!

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