Basin Electric donates kitchen and office equipment to Camp Grassick

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Basin Electric donated various kitchen appliances and office equipment no longer being used to Camp Grassick, a residential summer camp for adults and children with various disabilities.

Camp Grassick is a summer camp on the shores of Lake Isabel near Dawson, North Dakota. Each summer, disabled children and adults alike attend one of the sessions Camp Grassick hosts. Camp attendance ranges from 13-30 attendees, depending on what session of the camp they are in.

There are six sessions offered by Camp Grassick. One of Camp Grassick’s camps is a three week camp where children are served through therapeutic programs, aside from their recreational program. Some therapeutic programs this session sponsors include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and remedial reading. Another is a two week camp where the attendees do not need as much individual attention. Instead, this camp helps focus on the attendee’s social skills, interactions with peers, learning how to behave appropriately in social situations, and learning independent living skills. A third camp, the transition camp, is specifically for older adolescents. This camp teaches the attendees how to find jobs, live in their own apartments, operate washing machines, and learning to live a healthy and safe life style. The other sessions work with the kids to establish self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

“We receive such favorable comments back from parents and teachers saying how much more independent their children are and how much confidence they gained, as well as how the attendee finally had friends when they had never had friends before,” Dan Mimnaugh, Camp Grassick director and superintendent, says. “They [the attendees] leave with tears in their eyes because they don’t want to leave this type of environment where they have friends and they feel safe and supported. It just warms your heart and makes you want to adopt a lot of these kids.”

The donation from Basin Electric came at just the right time for Camp Grassick, because they needed new freezers and refrigerators. Some of other equipment donated included an ice machine, salad bar, carpeting, and an assortment of office equipment.

Mimnaugh says the camp is very thankful for the donation. “We are utilizing the donation to the fullest in our kitchen and dining hall. There is still some equipment in storage that we plan to use in different cabins,” he says. “We are able to offer a salad bar to our staff and campers now. The staff just thought that was wonderful.”


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