Leland Olds Station employees honored by the ESGR

LOS management receives ESGR awards

Gerald Miller, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, (far left) presents awards to Leland Olds Station employees Russ Bosch, maintenance superintendent, (second from left) and Jamey Backus, plant manager, (far right). Mechanical Engineer Sourav Dan’s (third from left) nomination of Bosch prompted ESGR’s recognition of Leland Olds Station leadership’s overall support of employee-service members.

Employees of Basin Electric’s Leland Olds Station were presented two awards from the Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve June 4 in recognition of their support of fellow employees serving in the military.

Russ Bosch, Leland Olds Station maintenance superintendent, received the ESGR’s Patriot Award. The Patriot Award is awarded to supervisors who support their employee-service members through a wide range of measures, including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence if needed.

Sourav Dan, Leland Olds Station mechanical engineer, nominated Bosch for his exceptional support throughout Dan’s Basic Training and deployment in 2015-2017.

Dan was employed at Leland Olds Station for only a few months when he left for Basic Training in October 2015. He returned in March 2016, only to be deployed overseas three days later. He spent nine months stationed in Erbil, Iraq, before returning home in February 2017.

Before, during, and after the deployment, Dan has had Bosch’s full support – helping him prepare and sending him care packages and updates on the plant during his deployment.

“The biggest support from Russ was to let me go for this extended period of time without having a second thought about it and doing everything he can to help me prepare for the deployment,” Dan says. “I was grateful to have his support, encouragement, and assurance through the course of deployment. The security of coming back to the same position and job with Basin Electric was a great relief!”

Bosch says it was the least he could do in return for Dan’s sacrifice.

“Sourav made a big commitment to our country when he enlisted,” Bosch says. “The least I could do was to let him know that the employees of LOS were thankful for his military service. I can only begin to imagine all the thoughts and worries a person goes through when they leave their home and family for Basic Training and deployment overseas. I just wanted Sourav to know that his ‘work family’ was behind him 100 percent and that he had one less thing to be concerned about.”

During ESGR’s review of Bosch’s nomination, the decision was made to also honor Leland Olds Station with the Above and Beyond Award for its total employer support of employee-service members. Jamey Backus, Leland Olds Station plant manager, accepted the award on behalf of the plant.

The simple fact of being acknowledged was a motivator for Dan in his service to his country and employer, Dan says, but Leland Olds Station management truly went above and beyond.

“Because of this exceptional support, I had one less thing to worry about throughout my deployment and that helped me to stay focused on the tasks at hand,” Dan says. “It was an emotionally tough stretch of time for both me and my family, but having a job, home, and family to come back to allowed me to get through it all. Their patronage is appreciated, and I am truly grateful to be working for Basin Electric.”

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